Dish Brush - White Teakwood and Agave Fiber

Dish Brush - White Teakwood and Agave Fiber

This new sustainable swap helps you replace plastic dish brushes in the kitchen! This removable-head dish brush has a white teakwood handle and brush head, with stiff agave fiber (vegan) plant bristles. It is held together with silver metal wire, and includes a small wire loop at the end for hanging dry.


Replaces: Plastic handled dish brushes. Can be used to wash general dishes as well as to loosen stuck on food. 


Longevity: Each brush head can be used for 1-6 months. Do not leave any of the wood parts soaking in water, the wood will absorb water and it will cause the wood to swell and crack, or the metal pieces to come out. Hang to dry or place in a dry spot after using it.


If you find your brush head is not staying dry, dip it in vinegar occasionally to help kill bacteria. The white teakwood is naturally antibacterial but the vinegar will help too.





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